Please be my guest

The Fuji International Convention Center capacity is our Achilles heel. This is and not Prof. Ozaki's hospitality, the factor that limits the participation in the Seminar. The Center has capacity for proper accomodation of 7 people. But as we are not so demanding we can easily fit 11 to 12 people in different positions (some will have to keep the vertical position).

Women, children and seniors (either for age or scientific degree) will have priority for the better access to the civilized toilet and beds. So, don't come many or the rest of all will end at the garden.

Other options:

-of course, the garden: some tenants can bring their tents, it will be summer.

-there is a proper camping site (run by the Susono-city government) near the house (5 minutes walk). They have proper facilities and equipment there. You may need to reserve the site in advance, though.

-there are pensions near the house (5 minutes drive). If someone wants to have a guaranteed and civilized way of life this is another option.

Another problem could be that there is only one toilet (and bathroom by the way, but who cares) in the house. However, there is a public toilet next to the tenis court, a few minutes walk from the house. If you just don't wait until the very last minute it can be a solution to an emergency. There are other solutions in the surroundings of course. But please, not in the garden.

With all these facilities we would be able to accomodate hundred people for the seminar but, there is another restriction. The conference room has capacity for about 12 people maximum. Of course, some may not be keen to go to the sessions, specially after they know there is a tenis court nearby).

So, in summary only 12 people will be admitted and that's my final word... ok, maybe 13.

Please, make your reservation early. In case of overbooking, the Organizing Committee keeps the right of deciding whom to accept. There will not be reimbursements.