If you are planning to climb Fuji, you may find interesting the whispers I have heard:

1)It is a mistake to think that because it is summer, the top of Fuji will be warm. Wear a heavy coat and carry two additional ones in your bag (lighter or you will not get the top).

2)Try to keep your bag light.The bag that at the beginning weights 10 kgs and you hardly notice in your back will be gaining weight with the altitude (a physical problem, I mean, yours). After two hours you will want to loose your bag, because you are loosing your back. Even your head will become heavy. Please, don't loose your head.

3)Climbing Fuji from the first level to the top takes around 5 hours if you are able to keep the rythm. At the beginning everybody is quick, graceful, energetic and happy... You better save your energies.

3)When you have walked for about two hours and a half, remember that you are just in the middle.

4)After three hours, if you are keeping the rythm you will find a poster:"You are almost done. Only two hours left". Just be aware that if you decide to go back you will still need another two hours. Don't blame your ancestors. Remember it was your choice (even tough by that time it will be very difficult to remember any thing).

5)You look straight in front and you calculate 200 mts to the top. At that moment the first rays of the sun start to peep out on the horizon and you are going to loose the sunrise. Don't run, you are still half an hour to the top. Just don't forget this incident and the next time start half and hour before.

6)Remember this. At the top you will only find rocks and cold. No fancy animals or insects, not even a beautiful flower. Don't loose perspective. If your motivation is to enjoy the beauty of Fuji, look at the pictures and stay on the base.

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