From any point of the planet to some point in Japan you will probably come by plane (except maybe if you are a cuban). Please contact your local providers.

From any point of Japan to Gotemba station you could probably find comfortable transportation using the official Japanese system of transportation. For any help you would need to this regard, please see here.

From Gotemba station to the International Conference Center in Fuji our 24 hours taxi service will be working to provide you easy and comfortable access. However, to provide you with an appropriate service you would need to inform about your arrival date and time at Gotemba station with enough time in advance, so that you will have one of our taxis waiting for you at your arrival. Also, to efficiently guarantee your transportation back to Gotemba station, please inform us about your departure date and time enough in advance.

Nevertheless, as at the present our stock of taxi drivers is small (just 1) and after they arrive at Fuji people start becoming very demanding, people willing to improve our taxi service is encourage to come in their own taxis and report at the desk when they arrive, so more taxis will be available.

Please, make your reservations at the contact address or already in Fuji, directly to one of our staff.

In the case that you decide to travel by your means, you may find useful the address and maps provided in Access Map.