by Prof. Ozaki  (Ghost writer: oldgandalf)

It is my pleasure inviting you to share all the facilites of my cabin. Please, eat all the food you can, specially if you brought it. Drink as much as you can from 9 am to 10 pm, but if you make any noise during the closing hours you will be sent to sleep in the garden. Try to stay awake during the seminar hours and don't make stupid questions. During your presentation please don't bring the glass of beer with you, even if you pretend that it is only water. All of us have tried to do the same before. Don't disturb the negihboors. They are not guilty that you are drunk.

If you plan to climb Fuji please bring your own proper shoes, clothes, coats, lantern, chocolate, drinks and everything you need. Also carry all your dirty things with you to your own house when you leave. Last time I spent one week washing all the dirty things that people left here.

If you observe these simple rules you will be welcome to my cabin and you may be invited to return. Thanks and enjoy the Seminar.

You are welcome but... I will be watching you!